Stellated Polyhedra

Quick-and-Dirty constructions with Cabri 3D



Conic Section Fits Definition


Circles on Sphere

Osculating Circle of Pedal Curves

Geometric constructions associated with
the regular dodecahedron

How to Turn a Cube into a Rhombic Dodecahedron ?

Applications of the Internet Archive to
Dynamic Geometry 
Internet Archive 對於動態幾何的應用

Various Forms of Steiner Porism and Poncelet Porism

3D Poncelet Porism and Steiner Porism

ATCM 2009 Dynamic Geometry Contest

Circles in Space

Straightforward Constructions

Steiner Porism on the Sphere

Patterns on Solids

An Ellipse Sliding Along a Trochoid

Deltoid Sliding Along an Ellipse
Deltoid Sliding Outside a Fixed Ellipse
Deltoid Sliding on Two Perpendicular Lines

Planar Objects in 3D

Rotating Polyhedra

Project Poster 2008

Project Poster 2009

Ruled Surface


12 Parts Decomposition

Workshop Given at ATCM 2008:
Polyhedron A Projected into Polyhedron B

Four Circles Tangent to Two Cicles at Four Points

7-Circle Theorem

Starting with Planar Objects

Three Perspective Objects

Patterns on Great Rhombicosidodecahedron


Three Circles

Convex Hull

Catalan Solid

Patterns on Small Rhombicosidodecahedron

Different Ways to Construct the Nephroid

Rotating Rhombic Polyhedra

Rhombic Icosahedron

Rhombic Polyhedra

Rhombic Hexecontahedron

Famous Curves and Their Tangents


Linkage in Space


 Exploring Geometric Models with Cabri 3D

Irregular Motions


Dudeney's Trick

3D Linkage

Reflection on Edges

Three-Sphere Theorem


Conics from Given Conditions


Exploring Dynamic Geometry
with Geometer's Sketchpad

7 Dodecahedrons

Created When Version 2 Appeared

Animation of Rhombic Polyhedra

Reye's Configuration

Thesis - 2010