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Summer 99
Graph of ax3 + bx2 + cx + d
x= a cos t, y = b sin t
Wrapping the graph of sin(2x) around a cylinder
Tangents from a Point Outside an Ellipse
Tangents to the Hyperbola
Circles Common Tangent to Two Circles
Circles Common Tangent to an Ellipse and a Circle
Quadratic Interpolation
Cubic Interpolation
Graph of (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)(x-d)
Bezier Cubic Curve
Parabola from two tangents and points of contact
Double Generation of the deltoid
Double generation of the nephroid
Double generation of the cardioid
Double generation of the astroid
Double generation of the rose curve
Three parallel tangents to a cardioid
Cuspidal Chord of the Cardioid
Pentagon having constant area
The sum of distances
Constant Area
Constant Area (2)
Cardioid sliding on orthogonal lines
Cardioid Condenser
Harmonic Motion
Caustic of Circle
Orthogonal Cardioids
Tangent of the Deltoid
Orthogonal tangents of the deltoid
Orthogonal normals of the deltoid
Deltoid Sliding on Two Orthogonal Lines
Deltoid from Inscribed Triangle
Caustic associated with the cardioid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between the Deltoid and the 3-cusped Epicycloid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between the Deltoid and the Cardioid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between the Deltoid and the Nephroid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between the Deltoid and the Astroid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between the Cardioid and the Nephroid
Tooth-Wheel Coupling between two Hypotrochoids
Cardioids Rotating about the Cusp
Two Cardioids Meeting Orthogonally on a Circle
Two Nephroids Meeting Orthogonally on a Circle
Nephroid and Cardioid Meeting Orthogonally on a Circle
Crossed Parallelogram to Draw the Lemniscate
Generating the Lemniscate with a "Kite"
Linkage to Draw the Ellipse
Linkage to Draw the Cardioid
Linkage to Draw the Nephroid
Peaucellier's Linkage
Hart's Linakge
Off-Center Rotation of Circles
Off-Center Rotation of Circles of Different Sizes
Rotation of Internally Tangent Circles
Two Rotating Ellipses
Conic passing through five given points
Conic from one tangent, point of contact and three other points
Conic from two tangents, points of contact, and another point
Conic from five tangents
Conic from four tangents and one point of contact
Conic from three tangents and two points of contact
Van Schooten's Locus Problem
Nepoleon's Theorem
Generalization of Nepoleon's Theorem
Von Aubel's Quadrilateral Theorem
Epicycloids and Hypocycloids
Mechanical formation of the cardioid
Kidney Shaped Curve Generated by a Five-Bar Linkage
 Linkage to Draw Limacon
 Cardioid Sliding Inside a Nephroid
Astroid Sliding Outside a Deltoid
Nephroid Sliding Outside a Cardioid
Rose Curve and the Tangential Deltoid
Chords of Constant Length
Tooth-Wheel Coupling Among Trochoids
Tooth-Wheel Coupling Among Trochoids (2)
Tooth-Wheel Coupling Among Trochoids (3)
Tooth-Wheel Coupling Among Hypotrochoids
Tooth-Wheel Coupling Among Epicycloids and Hypocycloids
Tight Configuration
Tight Configuration (2)
Concurrent Normals of Astroid
Concurrent Normals of the Nephroid
Concurrent Tangents of Nephroid
Concurrent Tangents of Astroid
Sliding Nephroid
Sliding Astroid
Sliding Deltoid
Orthogonal Tangents of Cardioid
Orthogonal Normals of the Deltoid
Orthogonal Tangents of Deltoid
Equilateral Triangle Traveling on Nephroid
Equilateral Triangle Traveling on Astroid
Square Traveling on 3-Cusped Hypocycloid
Equilateral Triangle Traveling on Curve
  Square Traveling on 5-Cusped Epicycloid
  A Property of the Sandstar
A Property of the 4-petalled Rose
 Three Deltoids Sliding Inside an Astroid
Ellipse Inscribed in Astroid
 Tangents Meeting on a Cardioid
Three Ellipses Tangent to an Astroid
Tangent Circles Passing Through the Cusp
Cardioid Passing Through Two Fixed Points
Common Tangent Circle of Two Cardioids Sharing the Same Cusp
3D Drawings
Cross Section of a Prism
Hyperbolic Paraboloid
Section of a Cone
Section of a Cylinder
Four Mutually Tangent Circles
Miquel Circle
Deltoid and 3-Cusped Epicycloid
Astroid and 4-Cusped Epicycloid
(Fake?)Cassinian Curve
Where Two Orthogonal Normals of Parabola Meet
Where the Orthogonal Normals of an Ellipse Meet
Parabolas from Two Points and Focus
Parabola from Two Tangents and Focus
Parabola from Two Tangents and Directrix
Triangle Traveling on Three Ellipses
Parallelogram Inscribed in Hyperbola and Its Conjugate
Parabola: Given Axis, Focus and One Point
Parabola from Axis, Focus, One Tangent
Normal Drawn From a Point on the Axis of a Parabola
Generation of Parabola
Parabola with Fixed Focus and Tangent to a Fixed Circle
Ellipse with Fixed Major Axis
Parabola Determined by Four Tangents
Range Covered by a Projectile
Bowditch Curve
Steiner's Porism--Special Case
Two Squares In One
Square-Triangle Dissection of Dudeney
Regular Hexagon-Equilateral Triangle
Decomposition of Acute Triangles into Similar Pieces

Invariant Property of Circles
What's so special about the circle?
Some Point Never Moves
Feet of Perpendicular
Stationary Point

Invariant Properties of Lines
Lines Through a Fixed Point
Inverses with respect to two circles
Through a Fixed Point
Mutually Tangential Circle Each Tangent to Fixed Line at Fixed Point
Mutually Tangential Circles Each Tangent to a Same Fixed Circle at Fixed Point
Chords of Invariant Length
Where will the green line cover?
Green Line Passing Through a Fixed Point
Parallelogram Determined by Homothetic Points
Invariant Point
Through Fixed Point on the Line
Invariant Property
Orthogonal Chords of Equal Length
Equilateral Triangle
Related to Harmonic Conjugates
Theorem of the Broken Chord
Osculating Circle
Osculating Circle of the Ellipse
Ellipse and Its Evolute
 Osculating Circle of Hyperbola
Hyperbola and Its Evolute
 Osculating Circle of Parabola
Evolute of Parabola
Tangent of Lemniscate
Osculating Circle of Lemniscate
Osculating Circle of Trochoid in Cardioid Family
Osculating Circle of Trochoid in Nephroid Family
Osculating Circle of Trochoid in Deltoid Family
Osculating Circle of Trochoid in Astroid Family
Osculating Circle of Astroid
Osculating Circle of Deltoid
Osculating Circle of Nephroid
Osculating Circle of Cardioid
Poncelet's Porism
Locus of the Vertices of Tangential Triangle
Locus of Vertices of Tangential Quadrilateral
More Concurrent Properties
Ex-Circle Version
Quadrilateral-Ex-Circle Version
Further Concurrence
Poncelet's Porism, Parabola and Circle
Property Related to Poncelet's Porism
Properties Related to Poncelet's Porism
Poncelet's Porism -- Circle and Parabola
Steiner's Porism
Steiner's Porism
Steiner's Porism (4)
Steiner's Porism (3)
Star Version of Steiner's Porism
Remarkable Curves
Conchoid of Nicomedes
Witch of Agnesi
Pentagon from Midpoints
Triangle Inside Triangle
Hexagon Inside Hexagon